Drum Lessons

The drums are the heart of any band, setting the tone and rhythm for the entire song. Playing the drums can be a very rewarding experience, but learning on your own can prove challenging. Whether you’re a beginner wondering where to start or you’re a more advanced player looking for ways to improve, Newington Music can help!

We begin our drum lessons by introducing students to the fundamentals of music.

Your drumming instruction starts with the basics including the correct grip and fulcrum for the best control and power. The student will be taught to play and read the essential rudiments, including rolls, flams, paradiddles and more. When studying the drum set, we will learn beats of different styles, and develop independence between your feet and hands to open up your creativity while we teach you beats, fills, and solos for jazz and rock drumming.

You drum lessons will allow you to reach your full potential, whether you want to improve your chops, play better with your band or orchestra, or just want to play in your garage!

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